General Description of Services

Civil Litigation 

Revocable Living Trusts

      We have prepared thousands of trusts

Wills & Pour-over Wills


How to set up your business

Learn the best formation plus avoidable problems  

LLC - LLCs have an unlimited number of provisions available,

              Did you make the best choice?

Sole Proprietor– when it is best for you

Contract - legal documents that determine your future, when accurate

when you did not plan to avoid probate, there is a legal proceeding to transfer title and assets...........Probate of Wills & Trusts

Avoiding or contesting Problematic Disputes and litigation

When you need to protect your Estate, an experienced Lawyer is an advocate who is ready to help

Now you can coordinate your Estate, Predictability, Tax related benefits & Retirement Options California Department of Insurance 0808439.  

Founder's Background

Kroeker Law Offices Attorneys have represented over 5,000 California clients.   California State Bar 50936.

Dennis has been the CEO of a company providing services to Costco as well as the primary Attorney drafting contracts plus providing strategic and tactical legal advice to a national LLC as well as small LLCs and Corporations.

Lawyer for California residents. National & International Lawyer when California law related, along with Insurance Services for California residents.  

Licensed by

CA Department of Insurance 0808439